Rekindling the Shepherd

2018 HOLD Florida Leaders Retreat



On March 25, 2018, once again, the Couple For Christ Ministries- Handmaids of the Lord, have returned to the St. Stephen’s Retreat Center in Titusville for the HOLD Shepherd Retreat. A series of 3 talks were given by Sister Vangie Cheng, the Regional HOLD Coordinator and a member of the National Core Group.


The Handmaids of the Lord require that you come “look” and “see”, as the powerful group of women discuss the topics that are most important and sensitive to them.The Handmaids consist of widows, single-matured women, women who are divorced, as well as women whose husbands do not take part in religious activity. It is immediate in the energy of the room, that these women are independent and their mind is set on loving God. They know that God will provide and to put their trust in Him.



The first talk called, “Rekindling your First Love”, starts with the story of Zipporah, which literally means “look and see how beautiful.” The women learn what it means to be a shepherd for those that look up to them.


The second talk, “A Background on David- A Man of Good Heart”, was about what it means to truly be a fool for God. David was known for dancing in the streets as a form of praise and worship. They know that it is okay to be crazy for Him, because that is how they express their joy and love for the Lord. Finally, the Handmaids learn what tools are necessary to properly shepherd their sheep in the third talk, “The HOLD Shepherd”. It is in worship by Sis. Josie Pardee that it is explained that being around sisters who have a genuine love for Christ, the Handmaids have the love to give and show others a taste of heaven.



An activity commenced where the Handmaids washed each other’s feet. The women were humbled as the “Servant Song” was playing simultaneously. The song sings, “Let me as Christ to you… I will weep when you are weeping, When you laugh, I'll laugh with you.” The night ended with a fellowship that included dancing and karaoke, where the Handmaids connected over songs that empowered them.



In order to give their entire lives to God, these women lay their joys and their pains to the Lord. In doing this, the story of their lives are a victory story for the Glory of the Lord. 


Session 1: Rekindling Your First Love

Vangie Cheng

HOLD Regional Coordinator and National Core member


Session 2: A Background On David - A Man After God's Heart

Vangie Cheng

HOLD Regional Coordinator and National Core member


Session 3: The HOLD Shepherd

Vangie Cheng

HOLD Regional Coordinator and National Core member


More images from the weekend!


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