What is FAMCOM?

FAMCOM is the official communications arm of all ministries in CFC. It was created in order to bring unity within all areas and across all of the family ministries. Our mission is to capture God’s miracles in the events in our areas and help proclaim and spread His goodness through media.


In this service we aim to document events happening throughout the ministries. Whether it be a statewide or cluster event, CLP, youth or kids camp, we document these events by taking photos or videos, when available, and writing up an article that highlights the works of God’s mercy within these events. We take personal testimonies and experiences and help curate them for others to see the works that took place.

Social Media

In this service we aim to not only promote but also to give insight on what’s going on around the community on a daily basis. We handle accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter and post messages and update our viewers with what’s going on in our ministries and also give teaching insights from catholic sources. (ex. Teaching Tuesday, Faith Friday, Saint Saturday)


In this service we aim to have direct communication with all areas and ministries within those areas. We communicate with all the coordinators to create a master list of all the events happening every month and just have an open dialogue with each other. It goes a long way when we communicate in how to better serve one another.


In this service we aim to create a platform where all of our members have a place to see all of God’s work happening in our areas. All of the documentation that was done to capture these works are curated on to the website for everyone to view, share, and even comment.

Content Creating

In this service we aim to create projects and any other content that helps to inspire and bring others closer to Christ. Whether through creating original songs, dance, artwork, poetry, documenting stories, podcasts, blogs, fashion design and other types of content, we are here to showcase that through whichever media it best fits.

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Want to offer your service to FAMCOM?


FAMCOM only functions smoothly with the involvement of the entire community. The team heads can’t make it work without your involvement big or small. So we humbly ask for your prayers and help as we continue.


If you are interested and would love to serve FAMCOM, please fill out this form and we will get to you as soon as possible. God Bless!


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