A Family Reunion

2018 CFCY Surrender Retreat

"I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me"

- Galatians 2:20

What is Worship? On the weekend of March 9-11, 2018, the CFC-Youth from around the state of Florida reunited at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in West Palm to answer the question, “What is worship and how do we do it?”

One of the greatest gifts that truly brings our brothers and sisters together is worship, and this weekend encompassed every aspect of it in order for each and every brother and sister to grow closer to God in Worship. Surrounding the series of talks, workshops, and activities throughout the weekend, the youth reunited with God and their brothers and sisters through actual worship.

The weekend began with the youth creating their own worship song which enabled the youth to see the beauty of what they can create through worship. The youth were then reminded that their beautiful creations weren’t of them, but of God moving through them. Following Friday night, the youth answered the question, “What is worship?” in the first session of the weekend. In this session, the youth delved deeper into worship as they learned that worship is a “REUNION” with God and that it brings us closer to Him.

Now knowing that Worship is a reunion with God, the youth delved deeper into why we worship in the next session. It was here that they learned that with a Heart of Worship, we encounter God. The youth then learned how to worship and became true “fools” for God in worship where they can shout, dance, laugh, and do anything to praise God. To end the weekend, the last session consisted of putting their newfound love for worship into action, where the youth in their respective areas built their music ministry and learned how to be a true music minister.

The youth encountered God with their brothers and sisters through workshops and activities. It was here that they delved deeper in their own talents in music through their instrument. They encountered their brothers and sisters in a deeper and real way and it was here where they learned to love God and not be afraid to express that love because of the love they created with each other.

All in all, the youth fully indulged in God’s everlasting love through worship where they were able to truly surrender their hearts for God alongside their brothers and sisters.

Session 1: What is Worship

Patrick Coronel

Florida Pastoral Full-time Worker

Session 2: The Heart of Worship

Chinky Felipe

CFCY South Florida Cluster Head

Session 3: Fools for God

Cocoy Marisigan

CFCY South Florida Cluster Head

Session 4: The Living Worship

Jamie Vergara

CFCY Florida Area Head

Full talks provided on our Youtube page. Click titles for the link!

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