We are em-"POWER"-ed!

2018 CFC Florida Leaders Empowerment Retreat

On this weekend of February 10-11, 2018, one-hundred fifty Couples for Christ members gathered together at the St. Stephen retreat center in Titusville to learn about power.

“Power” can be defined as having influence or authority, yet the theme Power encapsulates more than just that. The members were renewed in knowing that being a part of CFC is not just about being a member, but simply having a relationship with not only God but with others. With a series of 6 different talks, the participants now know that when the power of love overcomes the love of power that is when there will be peace in the world.

After worship on Saturday morning, participants listened to talks on the Power to see the Vision, Rekindling the Passion, the Power to Heal, and Living as People of Joy. They connected over what it truly meant to be a part of the CFC community. We are an army against the struggles and hurts of the world, yet we remain joyful because our names are written in heaven. We know that God knows us.

A Valentine’s Day party commenced where couples played games and danced.

On Sunday morning, participants were reminded that the Lord is the architect of our lives during worship. The talks Power to Love, and Power to Serve, told of the overwhelming love of God that we use to love the relationships in our lives. It is this love that makes us enjoy our lives in this ministry when we pray and worship together, we grow together.

The weekend concluded with a pray-over empowerment of all the couples followed by a spirit led worship that included a prophecy for the whole state of Florida.

Session 1: The Power to See the Vision More Clearly

by Bro. Norby Perrin and Sis. Edna Perrin

National Council; Mission & Evangelization

Session 2: Rekindling the Passion

by Bro. Tat Reyes and Sis. Ellen Reyes

Regional Coordinators of CFC South Central B

Session 3: The Power to Heal

by Bro. Romy Dacayanan and Sis. Emer Dacayanan

National Council; Catholic Relations Overseer & Pastoral Formation Office

Session 4: Living as People of Joy

by Fr. Rafael Lavilla

Vicar at Blessed Trinity Parish and Spiritual Director of CFC Jacksonville, FL

sharing given by: Bro Nonon and Sis Arnie Zulueta

CFC Florida AGT Family Ministries Head

Session 5: The Power to Love

by Bro. Bobbee Mella and Sis. Marivic Mella

CFC Northern California

Session 6: The Power to Serve

by Bro. Jojo Reandalar and Sis. Chay Reandalar

National Council; Family Ministries Head

Full talks provided on the Youtube page. Click titles for the link.

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