CFCY South Cluster Assembly

Taking An Active Role In Our Parishes

On April 1, 2017, CFC Youth from Broward, Miami, and West Palm gathered in Our Lady of the Holy Rosary - St. Richard Catholic Church in Cutler Bay for a South Florida cluster assembly. The assembly focused on the Church and Sacraments led by CFC Youth South Florida Leaders Cocoy Marasigan (Miami) and Chinky Felipe (Broward).

Father Richard, Priest of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary - St. Richard, facilitated informative and interactive sessions that challenged the youth to seek forgiveness for those who have hurt them. He also taught about the history behind the Catholic Church and the significance of each object used in mass. Father Richard then celebrated Holy Mass in the parish’s chapel to demonstrate all that he taught the youth in the assembly. Many of the youth participated in the mass as altar servers, lectors, and the choir. As a take home message, Father Richard urged the youth to never be comfortable in their faith, but always seek to grow each and everyday of their journey with God.

After understanding their role in the Catholic Church, the youth were then urged to translate the same understanding to their roles in the CFC Youth ministry. A session was given by CFC Youth Broward Chapter Head, TJ Stickle, who encouraged the youth to play an active role in their area as well as their parishes. Stickle shared his testimony on how he took part in volunteering for his church’s Confraternity of Christian Doctrine classes and took on the role as a leader in the CFC Youth ministry. With his joyful nature, Stickle inspired us to lose ourselves in service and surrender to the plan God has prepared for us.

The Holy Spirit was ever so present by the end of the day. For many, this faith-filled day served as a transformative experience that not only opened their minds to learn more about being a member of the Catholic family, but also as an opportunity to grow with their respective areas. The youth praised God together as one sound, one body.

“Leading events such as cluster assemblies can be overwhelming in terms of preparation. The fact that the event involves three separate areas (all an hour’s drive away from each other) makes planning things ahead hectic. Although, distance and the stressful nature of planning can not compare to the magnitude of the passion and joy felt during the actual event. I was doubtful that the new generation of youth would be open or even willing to participate, but the Holy Spirit truly filled that place. It was as if the Lord took away all my doubts and opened my eyes to His beauty that He had planned for this event. It was such a beautiful blessing to see such young, God-loving people gathered as one body eager to seek more in their relationship with Him. This cluster assembly allowed me to experience God in a new way. It was through this experience that I was able to truly allow God to be the center of everything, even in preparation and execution. As a leader, it isn’t about fighting to make an event as perfect as it can be, but fighting to have the Lord at the center and as the sole purpose of that event. Once we can find peace in that, we can humbly surrender ourselves to Christ and spread the word of God to the next generation”

- Chinky Felipe, CFC Youth Broward.

“Serving in the music ministry has always been something that made me nervous. The fact that this was for a cluster assembly made it slightly worse. All I worried about was messing up. But, I was reminded during worship that it didn’t matter what I sounded like; what truly mattered was God and that I gave all my praises to Him. This cluster assembly reminded me that as a community, we all come together to strengthen our relationship with God. We gather to help one another and spread the word and love of God. All that we do is through Him and He is present in all we do. As we worship, it doesn’t matter what we sound like and we shouldn’t be afraid to completely surrender ourselves because in that moment we are united together and are fools for God”

- Camille Villa, CFC Youth Broward.

Lord we thank You for the gift of sacraments

And giving us the celebration of mass.

We ask that you remind us to take an active role

In our parishes and our faith in general.

Disturb our hearts to seek more and grow more in faith.


April 1, 2017

CFC Youth

South Cluster Assembly

Cutler Bay, FL

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