CFCY Central Cluster Covenant Orientation

Covenant with Christ

CFC-Youth members of the Central Florida Cluster gathered on April 1, 2017 at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church in Winter Haven, FL for a Covenant Orientation Assembly. Central Cluster heads Duke Basila and Katey Santiago led the assembly with a service team of members from each Central Chapter.

The day began with a reintroduction to our covenants with Christ. The youth were reminded of what a covenant with Christ is, and how we are called to live out our covenant in every aspect of our lives.

CFC-Youth Orlando Chapter Head Celina Wong helped the group start the day with the first talk about loving, honoring, and serving God. She first led the group with a short anecdote about going to the beach in order to envision our personal journeys with Christ. When we imagine the beach, we think of sand, and the waves crashing on the shore. Wong described the waves as being sin and temptations of the world pulling us away from the sand, which amounts to the blessings and love that Christ gives us. Therefore, it is important to remember that God’s love for us is greater than any struggle or pain that we go through. Wong also reminded the youth that ultimately, the best way we can love, honor, and serve God is by dedicating our mind, body and souls to Him.

Shawn Barlaan, SFC Tampa & USF SFC Campus Based member, gave the second session about loving, honoring, and serving our families. Shawn focused on the message that families today are under the attack of worldly values, which is why we must strive to be a source of unity and of Christ in our own families. After this session, members broke out into discussion groups for lunch.

The third session was led by Dan Cantuba, SFC Tampa & USF SFC Campus Based member. This session focused on loving, honoring, and serving our brothers and sisters in the ministry. Cantuba shared that we must express the same love Christ had for His disciples with our brothers and sisters in the ministry. He went to emphasize that the relationships between our brothers and sisters must include commitment, unity, loyalty, love, and service. After this session, the youth participated in an activity that allowed them to affirm and honor brothers and sisters from different areas.

Before the final session, the youth entered into a rotation of four workshops within their discussion groups. All groups practiced team-building and accountability. These workshops were Charades, Mine Field, the Senseless Game, and Follow the Leader.

The fourth session was given by CFC-Y Port Charlotte Chapter Head Alodia Alcala. Alcala led the youth in learning about loving, honoring, and serving our country. Alcala shared that being in this country is a privilege and blessing given by God; therefore, living out our covenants with Christ also means being obedient citizens of our country and serving others in need.

For some, this assembly represented great personal spiritual growth, but it also represented great unifying growth as the Central Cluster. In attendance were approximately 70 youth, which is an amount that has not occurred for years. For this reason and always, we give all glory and praise to our God in whom we are united.

Lord we thank you for the Youth

And their fearlessness to walk with You

And their new covenant that they have newly sealed.

We ask that You may bless them with the Holy Spirit

To guide and nurture them to be as Your will unfolds.


April 1, 2017

CFC Youth

Central Cluster Covenant Orientation

Winter Haven, FL

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