CFCY North & South Cluster Rock Training

Reaching Out to Christ's Kids

On March 11, 2017, CFC Youth members from the North and South Clusters gathered in their respective areas for this year’s annual R.O.C.K. (Reaching Out to Christ’s Kids) Training.

The North Cluster held their training at Sunny Acres Community Center in Jacksonville and youth from Jacksonville, Tampa, and Brandon attended. This training was led by SFC members Mindy Reyes, Katey Santiago, and Duke Basila from Central Florida. Down in the South Cluster at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in West Palm Beach, youth from Broward, Miami, and West Palm were in attendance. Leading the south leaders were CFC-Youth Leaders Branddle Bactol (WPB), Jamie Vergara (WPB), Cocoy Marasigan (Miami), and Chinky Felipe (Broward). Both trainings facilitated talks and workshops that taught the future KFC youth leaders on how to reach out to Christ’s children using their time, talents, and treasures while being led by the Holy Spirit.

The first talk of the one-day training focused on the significance of reaching out to kids and being a KFC facilitator. This session emphasized the need to be role models and a witness to the kids, especially on how to love and serve the Lord. The session also focused on the goal as a ROCK leader to create a safe environment for children to allow them to latch unto God.

The second talk introduced the youth to the KFC Vision and seven Core Values, which are similar to the CFC Youth’s Vision and seven Identities. The KFC vision is “A global ministry of faithful, loving and enthusiastic children of God guided by the Holy Spirit in preparing Christ-like leaders and instrument of hope and healing to families that bless the world.” The seven KFC core values are to be prayerful, loving, obedient, diligent, generous, and honest. The group was reminded of the importance to spread the Word of God to the next generation and help them build their foundation in God.

The third talk challenged the youth to share new ways on how to reach out to children. In order to bring children closer to God, it is important to have a child’s heart. Brandle Bactol (CFC Youth WPB) reminded us that, “If they see Christ in us, they will yearn to find Christ in themselves.”

Following the talks were four workshops that focused on speaking, storytelling, handling children, and designing activities. The workshops introduced creative ways that the youth can utilize to facilitate and interact with children. The youth participated in interactive activities such as acting out stories and simulating potential scenarios with children and their parents.

Aside from learning how to minister to God’s children, participants engaged in games and activities that also allowed them to bond with one another as leaders. Such games included basketball, the Blanket game, Laser Eye, and others that emphasized the need to grow as an area and create a unified environment.

Both trainings ended with worship and a call to action. The North was led by Duke Basila (SFC Lakeland) who reminded the youth of the importance of having a heart for God’s children and rooting our service in Christ’s love as R.O.C.K. leaders. In the South, EJ Olaguer (SFC Broward) passionately encouraged the youth to seek God in all things, especially in service, whether it is with the children or our own respective ministries and areas.

“The most important thing I learned today was to have a child’s heart so that we can be on the same level as the children.” - Yana Cruz, Jacksonville

Lord God we thank You for allowing our youth to serve the kids.

We ask for your blessing and guidance to be child-like

And serve the kids with pure hearts.

We lift up to You the kids of this generation

May their innocence be protected and spread throughout all of us.


March 11, 2017

CFC Youth

North & South Cluster ROCK Training

Jacksonville & West Palm Beach

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