CFCY Port Charlotte Camp


“Be alert, stand firm in your faith, be brave, be strong. Do all your work in love”

(1 Corinthians 16:13-14).

CFC-Youth Port Charlotte hosted a youth camp on February 17-19, 2017 at two venues: St. Charles Parish Center and Couple Coordinator, Tita Belle Alcala’s house. This camp centralized on the theme “Courageous.” CFC-Youth Port Charlotte decided that they needed to model courage in their service and show the camp participants how the fire of the Holy Spirit can truly work through them. CFC-Youth Port Charlotte Chapter Heads, Alodia Alcala and Bryant Uyam, along with their Couple Coordinators--Tita Belle Alcala, Tito Philline Mopas, and Tita Vicky Adriano--aimed to demonstrate to all the youth the beauty of the CFC-Youth ministry.

Friday night was used to break the ice and set the tone for the weekend. The music ministry introduced worship to the participants, which was then followed by icebreakers, like “Bang” and “The Boat is Sinking,” to help eliminate any shyness. The first talk was delivered by former CFC-Youth Port Charlotte Chapter Head, Justin Mercado, who focused on the message of “God Loves Me.” To end the night, the youth separated into their discussion groups where they discussed their faith more personally and created their own group name and chant.

The second day started off with the music ministry teaching new songs to the participants, such as “Rise Oh Generation.” Before the talks, the youth customized their own bags, where other youth can drop messages of affirmations to each other throughout the weekend. After, the youth separated for “Common Prayer Time” so to start the day spending time with God.

Three sessions were held throughout the day with games and breaks in between. The morning session was led by Household Head, Renzo Mendoza, where he focused on who Jesus Christ is and Christ’s invitation to have a personal relationship with him. To transition into the afternoon session, the youth played “CFC-Youth Clubbing.” This game encouraged each team to work together in staying in rhythm with the dance move they chose, which prepared them for the afternoon session with CFC-Youth Florida Central Cluster Head, Katey Santiago, who delivered the talk, “Repentance, Faith, Healing, and Forgiveness.” Santiago focused on how to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through Repentance, Faith, Healing, and Forgiveness. This talk was followed by a reflection and a long break. The youth took this time as an opportunity to deepen their bond with each other. The break ended with Mass at St. Charles Catholic Church.

After Mass, the youth continued to fellowship at dinner. Following dinner, the evening session started with a skit about how God is always there, no matter how much one strays away. This session was led by CFC-Youth Port Charlotte Chapter Head, Bryant Uyam, who gave the talk, “Receiving God’s Gift: The Power of the Holy Spirit.” He focused the message on how to receive and experience the Holy Spirit. Uyam concluded the session with a Commitment to Christ Ceremony, Pray Overs, and an empowering Praisefest.

On Sunday, the youth started the day with another Common Prayer Time and a game to reenergize them. The final session was given by CFC-Youth Port Charlotte Chapter Head Alodia Alcala, who gave the talk, “Growing in the Spirit.” Alcala spoke about the CFC-Youth community structure and how to sustain and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. At the end, parents of the participants came. They were able to spend time and pray with their children. The Camp Leaders led the families into a pray over and dedication ceremony where the participants were officially introduced as a part of the CFC-youth community. The camp ended with a final Praisefest. CFC-Youth Port Charlotte was blessed to gain eight new youth members.

“To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations coming into this weekend, but through the sessions, and because of everyone here, I have found a new family I can be myself in and grow in the faith with.”

– New Youth Member

“With this probably being my last time leading the camp, it’s truly a blessing to have grown with everyone in this ministry. This camp brought out the courage of not only our service team, but the participants as well. I’m excited to see where God is leading us.”

- Alodia Alcala

The theme given to this camp was made perfect as many of the service team were serving for the first time. Also with a few leaders transitioning into Singles for Christ, God has really blessed Port Charlotte with a new generation of courageous youth who are excited about their faith, this ministry, and what God has in store.

We thank You, Lord, for the many blessings that You continue to bestow upon us. Help us to notice these blessings in our daily lives, so that we may fully embrace the life You have given to us. Help us to never lose sight of You, and yet, if we do, please give us the strength to seek You. Give us the courage to take up our cross and follow You to an eternal life with You.


February 17-19, 2017

CFC Youth

Port Charlotte Joining Camp

Port Charlotte

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